Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Global appeal for Foster homes: Fostering saves Lives « Let's Adopt! (USA)

Global appeal for Foster homes: Fostering saves Lives « Let's Adopt! (USA)

One of the most challenging aspects of our mission is to find foster homes. A network of foster homes is absolutely essential for the good functioning of any rescue organization.
A foster home is, a temporary home where the animal gets chance to recover from the stress of being in a shelter or abandoned. Additionally, the foster volunteer has the opportunity to work with the animal to introduce him to family living (if its a puppy or a kitten) or to correct some of the behavior problems that may have led to him being abandoned.
Quite simply: Fostering Saves Lives.
So this is what we are going to do here today. Today we are going to use our entire network to build up our network of foster homes.
To do this we are going to need YOUR help. I need you to do three things... Read more...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Funkiest Pet winners announced!

Bolivar Herald-Free Press - Bolivar, Missouri - Neighbor Newspapers > News > Funkiest Pet winners announced!

Funkiest Pet winners announced!
Tuesday, August 24, 2010 11:19 AM CDT
Bolivar's Funkiest Pet is ... Gizmo the Yorkie!Gizmo belongs to Tammy Morowsky of Wheatland and wins: Read more...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

How to Avoid Bpa Bisphenol A in Food |

How to Avoid Bpa Bisphenol A in Food

What is Bpa? Bpa or Bisphenol A has recently become a new buzzword in the media. Bpa is not new, it has been around in our food containers since the 1930's. Bpa is a high protein industrial chemical also known as a synthetic estrogen. Bisphenol A is used as a plastic additive found in clear plastic food containers, water bottles, and canned food liners. Don't be fooled by labels such as organic or Bpa free. Significant and dangerous quantities of this plastic additive has been found in these as well.Read more: How to Avoid Bpa Bisphenol A in Food

Dogs Gone Gaga !!

by, on Mon Aug 16, 2010
We've often said that only Lady Gaga can pull off some of the outfits she wears. Well, we were wrong. These canine models rock red lace, wigs, and telephone hats just as well as the singer. One difference: the Lady doesn't cover the paparazzi in drool like these pups did to photographer Jesse Freidin. Plus: Check out these Lady Gaga pics you won't see anywhere else.

And P.S. No dogs were harmed during this shoot. In fact, they got extra love and treats.

Now that is a Poker Face. This pooch knows how to have a sexy hair day!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Animal control chief loses job after employee slaughters adopted pig

By Liz Goodwin

The director of Bay County Animal Control in Florida, Jim Crosby, was forced to resign this week after an employee killed, butchered, and ate a pig named "Fluffy" that was in the facility's care.
The employee who slaughtered Fluffy, Ivan Rogers, was only given a stern reprimand for his actions...

At least two people said they wanted to adopt Fluffy after the pig was turned over to the shelter in June when its owners couldn't care for it. That's when Rogers insisted he wanted to "adopt" it...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cat Cruelty in Joplin, Missouri – Inhumanity Towards Feral Cats & Kittens

By Dr. Joyce Starr

August 14, 2010
Joplin’s policy towards feral cats and kittens: Potential legal action against those who feed, neuter and save them. My guest is cat protector and feral cat expert, Lindsay Donzanti. Show Date: August 14, 2010.
Lindsay on Joplin Policy:

“Joplin has a feral cat problem, and the powers that be are enforcing an ordinance forbidding the feeding and harboring of feral cats.
“If you trap a cat in Joplin, have it sterilized and/or pay for shots, it’s now considered your cat.
“If you feed the cat after releasing it, you’re breaking the law.
“Rescuers are who own more than four cats are guilty of a misdemeanor.”
“But Joplin residents are not legally permitted to “own” or house more than four animals at a time. Those who keep four animals are not allowed to feed, catch, neuter or vaccinate feral cats. Moreover, owners who release a cat back to the streets are not allowed to feed them. If the cat is starving, you can’t intervene. Their solution is to starve these defenseless cats to death.
“I called the Director of Animal Services in Joplin, Dan Pekarek. He confirmed this inhumane and misguided method of control, which has proven wholly ineffective elsewhere. It is SO cruel. We “colony caregivers” regard these cats as our pets" ...

Lindsay is asking for your help. Contact:

Joplin Mayor Mike Woolston. Toll Free: 1-800-444-8514 Local: 417-623-3480 Email:
Joplin Globe: Editor – Carol Stark. Phone: 417-623-3480 Write to: The Joplin Globe, P.O. Box 7, Joplin, Mo. 64802.  Email:   Online Form for Letters to Editor:   or Email Letters to Editor:
Joplin on Facebook:

Friday, August 13, 2010

Carthage Moves to Control Feral Cat Colonies

Carthage Moves to Control Feral Cat Colonies

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Woman Cares for 45 Abandoned and Abused Dogs; she lost her job and her house is now almost empty!

Woman Cares for 45 Abandoned and Abused Dogs; she lost her job and now her house is almost empty! Call Leah Van Marion cell: (501) 215-1564.

August 1, 2010
Perry County, Arkansas does not have an animal shelter.  But for 12-years Leah Van Marion, has made it her mission to take in abandoned and abused animals. The economy has since caught up with her. She lost her job but refuses to turn animals away. 
  She loves all 45 of her dogs; they all have names and personalities, and need homes.
  Taking care of them is a labor of love because going through 50-pounds of food a day without a job to support them; Van Marion has been selling aluminum cans, scrap metal and furniture. She explains, "The house is just about empty except for the refrigerator and TV."
  She is at her limit, but with it being dog breeding season, puppies are being dropped off, while donations have stopped. "After a while donors forget and I understand you know. It's difficult times for everybody," Van Marion says.
  Each dog came from a life of neglect and abuse, Van Marion has let them take over 40-fenced in acres. She still keeps up with their vaccinations, gets them spayed and neutered, plays with them daily, but she has spent her life savings in order to keep them healthy and to give them a chance at life.
  She says, "You do what you can, even when you don't have, so you do the best you can. I'm not in a business. I'm just a person who loves animals.
  She loves them enough to let them go to a loving family. "Of course I cry afterwards because I always miss them, but to know they got a good home is great. Animals are here for us to take care of, they are here for us to enjoy, not abuse, abandon or throw away like trash. God put them here for companionship and you know I love them."
  Van Marion asks, if you can't adopt, at least sterilize your own pets. "I happen to be one of hundreds probably who does this, and if you know of anyone who does this, help them out. Everyone who tries to find homes for these babies because it's a tough job right now it's not easy, it is not easy."
  Van Marion is looking for a part time job.
  She will not adopt a dog out without being spayed or neutered. It cost her $60-$80 dollars per animal.

Leah Van Marion cell: (501) 215-1564

Friday, July 30, 2010

Polk County Humane Society completes new shelter, lacks funds to open

                               July 30, 2010

 The brand new building is complete, ready to welcome cats, dogs and their future families.
 It's been a two and a half year effort, and now construction of the Polk County Humane Society is complete. There's just one problem- they don't have enough money to operate.
  It's about 2,500 square feet of space, brightly colored, with all the amenities it's furry visitors will require. "This is all air conditioned and heated, it's all water-proofed to stay clean, and each pen will have a kennel deck to let the dogs get up off the floor with blankets and that kind of thing," says Ries, showing the dog kennels.It's been a two and a half year effort, and now construction of the Polk County Humane Society is complete.
  But for now, it all sits empty. "We are ready to go. The main thing we're lacking is the financial backing," says Polk County Humane Society Director Joy Tooman...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Craigslist reunites dog and owner after 4 years apart#?ist=none#?ist=none#?ist=none

Craigslist reunites dog and owner after 4 years apart#?ist=none#?ist=none#?ist=none

Monday, July 26, 2010

Free Genealogy Resources: Six Things You Can do to Aid Those Looking for Free Genealogy Resources

Free Genealogy Resources: Six Things You Can do to Aid Those Looking for Free Genealogy Resources

Saturday, July 24, 2010

This Week on TV

This Week on TV

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BERRY Family Tree Takes Root

I have officially started my BERRY Genealogy blog.  BERRY Family Tree   
I will be discussing my other related surnames also.  I am sure we can make a connection!  I seem to be finding and adding new Ancestor Surnames daily!  Genealogy is so addicting.  Except when you smack into that brick wall and can't seem to break through.  I had hit a brick wall for literally years with my  BERRY and ROGERS Family Tree  until this last May 2010.  I made a discovery on which tore down that wall!  I am so thankful for that site.  It has so much information and it is FREE!  I am a disabled Veteran and live on a very limited income.  Free is for me. 

Check my new blog out daily.  Follow me and pass the word on to your friends who have the Genealogy fever!  Feel free to leave comments and suggestions as I am just starting out with my new blog and will gladly accept any advice on constructing it.

Happy Hunting!    BERRY Family Tree

BERRY Genealogy

BERRY Genealogy
Surnames Berry, Beary, Rogers, Rodgers, Jackson, Bankston, Adair, Pearson, Ellis, Middleton, McCay, Haskins, Hoskins, Roper and more...

Monday, June 28, 2010

I will be starting a new Genealogy blog!

Hi Everyone!  No I did not fall off the face of the earth! lol  I still care about animals and animal welfare very much.  I finally hit pay dirt on my Genealogy research!  Yeah!!!  I am sure many of you know how addicting Genealogy can be!!  I have not been on Facebook, Blogger, eHow and etc. for over a month...  I have been too busy with all my Genealogy leads I have discovered!  I will be starting my new blog about Genealogy and my Ancestry lines I am researching very soon.  I am not sure if I will be using Blogger or a different blog service.  Does anyone have any suggestions for me about a different blog site to use that they prefer to Blogger?  I will still be active on this blog.  I will always be concerned about animals.  Does anyone have these surnames in your Genealogy?  If you do, please contact me!!  These are the surnames I am researching: BERRY, ROGERS, RODGERS, JACKSON, BANKSTON, ADAIR, ELLIS, PEARSON, PIERSON, McCAY, MIDDLETON, WILLIS, MAYES, HOSKINS, HASKINS, ROPER and more...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

How to Make a Red Velvet Mother's Day Cake |

How to Make a Red Velvet Mother's Day Cake

Happy Mother's Day! What would be better for a Mother's Day Cake than a Red Velvet Cake that is very easy and quick to make! And this is such an easy and quick cake recipe it allows more time to spend with Mom! This recipe for a mother's day cake is also inexpensive with a minimum amount of supplies needed...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thank you! Again! For now … Missouri House Rejects Horse Slaughter

May 5, 2010

Animal Law Coalition
The pro-horse slaughter provisions from Missouri H.B. 1747, that were sneakily buried in S.B. 795, an unrelated bill, have now been withdrawn from S.B. 795.
The Missouri House of Representatives began debating S.B. 795 yesterday with the pro-horse slaughter provisions in the House Committee Substitute version and continued today to consider a number of amendments. The bill finally passed but without the horse slaughter provisions.
This means currently there is no bill with a hope of passing in the few remaining days of the Missouri 2010 legislative session that contains the pro-horse slaughter provisions...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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It's easy and takes a few minutes!  Read and rate articles that are interesting to you and earn money!
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readbud - get paid to read and rate articlesStart now!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Barn Buddies will appear on the Today Show

Barn Buddies will appear on the Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on Friday, April 30 at 10-11 a.m. Track their journey on Longmeadow's Facebook Fan page...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SW MO Humane Society in desperate need of donations!!!!!

SW MO Humane Society in desperate need of donations
Interview By Steve Grant, KY3 News
Story Published: Apr 27, 2010 at 2:05 PM CDT
(Story Updated: Apr 27, 2010 at 2:05 PM CDT )

Springfield-- The cost of doing business is going up, that's even true for non-profit agencies. The Southwest Missouri Humane Society says it needs more donations. "We're caring for three times the amount of animals since we moved into our new building," said Mandi Goodall.
The Humane Society needs money to take care of basic needs for everyday care. Supplies like plastic crates are also needed.
The organization is located at 3161 W. Norton Rd. You can also call them at (417) 833-2526...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Newborn stallion weighs in at just six pounds

April 27, 2010
If baby animals are "cute," then how does one describe Einstein the newborn pinto stallion? Super-incredi-adora-cute? Weighing in at just six pounds, the New Hampshire-born foal may be the world's smallest horse. Dr. Rachel Wagner, Einstein's co-owner, says the Guinness record for the smallest newborn horse is 9 pounds...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Court voids law aimed at animal cruelty videos

By Writer Mark Sherman, Associated Press Writer – 52 mins ago

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court, with only one dissenting vote, on Tuesday struck down a federal ban on videos that show graphic violence against animals. The ruling cheered free speech advocates, but it raised concerns that more animals will be harmed.
The justices threw out the criminal conviction of Robert Stevens of Pittsville, Va., who was sentenced to three years in prison for videos he made about pit bull fights.
The law was enacted in 1999 to limit Internet sales of so-called crush videos, which appeal to a certain sexual fetish by showing women crushing to death small animals with their bare feet or high-heeled shoes...

Monday, April 19, 2010

A bill related to animal fighting

New Jersey
Bill Number:
A. 482
Go here for the text of this bill. This bill would make it a crime to import, export or steal animals for use in animal fighting and also prohibit conspiracy "to organize, participate in or train animals for the purpose of animal fighting". Fines for these crimes would range from $3,000 up to $500,000. These fines could also be imposed under this bill for other animal fighting activities like keeping, training, selling, promoting, purchasing or providing the animals used for fighting; providing a place or financial investment or promotion; or simply allowing an animal fight to occur for amusement or financial gain.
Fines for being present at animal fighting activities or gambling on animal fights would be increased to $3,000 up to $25,000.
The bill would also authorize seizure and forfeiture of assets and property associated with animal fighting...

Eaglet with broken wing may find home at zoo

Gamaliel, Arkansas
Covered in down, a month-old eaglet dozed in his cage, recovering from a fall from its nest that broke its wing.
A Gamaliel woman found the baby bald eagle on Tuesday when she noticed one missing from its nest, said U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Ranger Alan Griffin.
The woman — whose name officials do not know — had been taking pictures of the nest by the state Highway 101 bridge, and when she got back later that day, noticed two eaglets instead of three, Griffin said. Area birders say the highly visible nest has been in the area about three years...

Friday, April 16, 2010

The iPad: A Cat's Perspective

The recently released iPad is, in the words of Apple cofounder and CEO Steve Jobs, a "magical and revolutionary product." That may be true from the human perspective, but how does the feline species feel about the touch-screen device?
One cat owner aimed to find out. He placed his iPad in front his cat, Iggy, to see just how user-friendly the device really is. Watch below for the results...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

German Shepherd “Courage” victim of cruel abuse

Sometimes a level of human cruelty exists that is so profound one cannot conceive how such an abomination is tolerated by our judiciary system. One week ago German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County received a phone call from a concerned citizen, who chose to remain anonymous, reporting an incident of animal abuse: A three-year-old German Shepherd had been tied up on a chain to a tree in for an estimated 5 to 6 weeks without food or water.
When GSROC found the dog, he was lying depleted on the ground too weak to physically lift his own head! At 37 pounds, he was literally skin and bones. A healthy German Shepherd his age normally weighs between 75-85 pounds. He bore the vacant gaze of an animal so overtaken by the war waged upon him that the ghost of his own death had long since been beckoning. In fact, to look at him one couldn’t even be certain he was still a living dog...

Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL)

Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL) is an award-winning non-profit 501(c)3 public charity. We collect, transport and distribute recycled and new pet-related items to comfort stray, sick, neglected and abused homeless animals in shelters, rescue groups, sanctuaries and foster groups. In addition, as an Emergency Response Team, we partner with those organizations to provide relief and comfort to animals that are displaced or endangered by catastrophe.
Operation Blankets of Love is a Partner Service Provider for The American Red Cross...

A 2nd garbage patch: Plastic soup seen in Atlantic

By MIKE MELIA, Associated Press Writer Mike Melia, Associated Press Writer – Thu Apr 15, 5:30 am ET
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Researchers are warning of a new blight on the ocean: a swirl of confetti-like plastic debris stretching over thousands of square miles (kilometers) in a remote expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.
The floating garbage — hard to spot from the surface and spun together by a vortex of currents — was documented by two groups of scientists who trawled the sea between scenic Bermuda and Portugal's mid-Atlantic Azores islands.
The studies describe a soup of micro-particles similar to the so-called Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a phenomenon discovered a decade ago between Hawaii and California that researchers say is likely to exist in other places around the globe...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Japanese whale meat 'being sold in US and Korea'

Wednesday, 14 April 2010 05:11 UK
Scientists say they have found clear proof that meat from whales captured under Japan's whaling programme is being sold in US and Korean eateries.

The researchers say they used genetic fingerprinting to identify meat taken from a Los Angeles restaurant as coming from a sei whale sold in Japan.
They say the discovery proves that an illegal trade in protected species still exists.
Whale meat was also allegedly found at an unnamed Seoul sushi restaurant...
But a controversial exemption allows Japan to kill several hundred whales each year for what is termed scientific research.
The meat from these whales is then sold to the public in shops and restaurants...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Important update from Puppy Mill Ballot Campaign

We urgently need your petitions! We are not kidding. There are just TWO SHORT WEEKS left to help Missouri's dogs! April is the most critical month in this campaign, and we are counting on you in this final push for signatures!
Can you do the following to help the dogs?
Will you take on one additional three-hour shift of public signature-collecting before April 27th? Will you commit to gathering just 100 signatures in a public place?
Will you commit to taking your petitions with you everywhere and gathering as many signatures as you can from friends, co-workers, neighbors, family, your gym, your coffee shop, etc? Every single signature counts!
The vast majority of our signatures will come from regular weekly, and even daily, signature gathering in public places. Parks, dog parks, shopping areas, libraries, post offices, sidewalks outside of theaters and concert venues as people are waiting for shows to start are a few good ones...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dickerson Park Zoo TONS of photos from EGGstrvaganza - we'll post more in the next few days! Check out YouTube for videos, too!

Dickerson Park Zoo TONS of photos from EGGstrvaganza - we'll post more in the next few days! Check out YouTube for videos, too!YouTube - dpzoo's Channel

Share your videos with friends, family, and the world...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Michael Vick Dog Dies of Cancer, Had Legacy of Helping Animals

MONTEREY, Calif-  An eight-year-old pit bull named Red, who was once a part of Michael Vick’s infamous dogfighting kennels has died after a short battle with cancer.
Red, an eight year old pit bull arrived at the Monterey County SPCA with scars on his face and chest. Though he had a violent past, Red filled a vital role by helping SPCA Pet Behavior Specialist Amanda Mouisset with her behavior consultations.
Red was trained to fight other dogs but he found his calling helping to calm aggresive dogs. True to his gentle nature, Red would sit relaxed in the training area, serving as a calming agent while Mouisset and her client eased the other dog’s aggression by redirecting focus and energy.
Red shared a home with Mouisset, her husband, two children, two dogs, and a cat. He went from Vick’s fighting kennels to playing with other dogs, cuddling on the couch, and letting kids play dress up with him as their willing model...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Beautiful Special Education Teacher from Florida Found Innocent...

Beautiful Special Education Teacher from Florida Found Innocent...
April 2,2010
by Jenni Coe
A beautiful special education school teacher was on trial this week for felony animal abuse charges with a possible sentence of twenty years. The teacher had abandoned her own two pet cats without food or water. Her landlord finally found her two cats. Her pets had starved to death. The landlord said the walls in the apartment had been badly damaged. Her abused and starving pets had tried to claw and bite their way through the walls. The special education teacher did not move overseas, to a different town, or even across the street... She moved to a different apartment, but in the same building!!
This week the beautiful special education teacher was found innocent of all felony animal abuse charges. Did her stunning good looks affect the judgment of the jury? How could a special education teacher abandon her own two pet cats to starve to death with no food or water?? If the teacher did not have enough empathy and responsibity to care for her own pet cats, how had she been able to function as a special education teacher with a room full of children?

Man attempted to flush puppy down a toilet.

Teen Felon Charged with Assaulting His Girlfriend and Trying to Flush a Puppy Down Toilet

Send a letter now!

(St. Louis County, Minn.)
Apparently, a December 2009 conviction for third degree felony assault did not make much of an impression on Joshua Ray Gordon, 18. Two months later, he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend and severely beat a 12-week-old puppy named Griffin. Witnesses told police that Gordon had attempted to flush the puppy down a toilet and that the puppy had been wrapped in a wet blanket and left in the basement for several days with no food or water. When police found him, he was dehydrated and underweight. He had bleeding in his right eye and didn't want to lift his head or stand up.

On February 11, 2010 officers arrested Gordon for assaulting and injuring his girlfriend, cruelty to an animal resulting in great bodily harm, selling marijuana in a school zone and possession of a stun gun, all felonies.

Here are news articles on the case:
Eveleth teen accused of assaulting woman, trying to flush puppy
Fox 21 News, February 16, 2010

Video: Eveleth puppy making a comeback from unthinkable abuse
Fox 21 News, February 19, 2010

What You Can Do
Send a polite letter to County Attorney Melanie S. Ford by completing the form below. Thank her for pursuing felony animal cruelty charges in this case and encourage a strong and meaningful sentence upon conviction. The next hearing is set for April 5, 2010 at 9 a.m. Locals are encouraged to support the prosecution by attending court proceedings...

St. Louis County District Court
Virginia Courthouse
300 South 5th Avenue
Virginia, MN 55792
Telephone: (218) 749-7101
Fax: (218) 749-0664
(Always contact the Court to confirm court dates as they are subject to change.)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lawmakers Consider an Animal Abuse Registry

SAN FRANCISCO — California may soon place animal abusers on the same level as sex offenders by listing them in an online registry, complete with their home addresses and places of employment.

This proposal, made in a bill introduced Friday by the State Senate’s majority leader, Dean Florez, would be the first of its kind in the country and is just the latest law geared toward animal rights in a state that has recently given new protections to chickens, pigs and cattle...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Animals Rescued from Greene County Home

Update March 29, 2010

Fruitland, MO) -- Rescue teams from the Missouri Humane Society along with Greene County deputies are at a home north of Springfield today to rescue dozens of animals.

Captain Randy Gibson of the Greene County Sheriff's department says officers got a tip from neighbors about a foul smell coming from the home in the 10000 block of North Farm Road 165 near Fruitland, Missouri. Deputies, armed with a search warrant, went to the home this morning and found more than 50 cats and dogs, along with rabbits and hamsters...

Because Shelter Pets Deserve a First-Class Meal

During the launch of the stamps, Halo will be donating a million meals to animal shelters around the country.

The StampsThis campaign continues the Postal Service's 50+ year tradition of raising awareness of serious social issues with special commemorative stamps. The 44-cent stamps feature photos of five cats and five dogs who were all adopted from shelters...

Missouri House OKs horse slaughtering bill

Jefferson City, Mo. —
March 30, 2010
(AP) — THE MISSOURI HOUSE has endorsed legislation designed TO ALLOW THE SLAUGHTER OF HORSES FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTIONThe legislation is intended to get around a federal ban on meat inspectors working in horse slaughtering plants.
The House bill would levy fees on slaughterhouses that the state would then transfer to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It was approved by voice vote Monday and needs another vote before moving to the Senate.
Congress has barred federal funds from being spent by USDA to inspect horse slaughtering plants. The horse meat bill also includes a provision aimed at blocking initiative petitions restricting agriculture...

Monday, March 29, 2010

In Ag Industry, Missouri Puppy Mills Have New No. 1 Fan

March 29, 2010
The most reactionary agribusiness groups falsely claim The HSUS is extreme, even though the reforms we work for in animal agribusiness relate almost exclusively to giving animals a modest amount of increased space during production and providing more humane handling during transport and slaughter. Those are just common sense principles, and we continue to have success in our campaigns through the ballot initiative process or in our dealings with major food retailers because average Americans consider the reforms to be sound and sensible. All the public attitude surveys I’ve seen, including those commissioned by the American Farm Bureau Federation, reveal that Americans demand the humane treatment of all animals, including those raised for food...

58 Malnourished and Dead Dogs Found in House in Greene Co., Mo.

March 29, 2010
by Jenni Coe
More info just added...
Just in- 59 Malnourished, dead, and feces covered dogs were found in Greene County, Missouri near Ebenezer by the State Humane Society and other law enforcement organizations. Other animals in horrible medical condition were found also such as cats, gerbals, and more. One arrest was made. This case of animal abuse is said to be linked to an earlier animal abuse case in Polk County, Missouri in the city of Pleasant Hope.

I will be adding a link as more information is known...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Activists, officials take on Pa. puppy mills

We need to do this in Missouri!!!

Puppy mill dogs spend most of their working lives inside cramped wire cages, stacked one atop the other. They get little grooming, veterinary care or attention of any kind.

Lacking a bone or toy to occupy their time, some dogs go into a frenzy every time they see a human. Other dogs circle endlessly. Still others just sit there, staring, like a “warm statue,” says Jessie Smith, special deputy secretary of dog law enforcement at the state Department of Agriculture.

“They don’t really seem to be there,” she says — they lack “that dog joy” of a family pet...

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Better Business Bureau is out with a scathing report on the dog-breeding industry in Missouri.

According to the BBB, Missouri is home to 30 percent of federally licensed dog breeders in the United States. That's four times the number of dog breeders found in the next highest state.

State law requires that all of Missouri's 1,800 dog-breeding facilities be examined once a year, but the state has only 13 inspectors who must juggle their inspections with other duties. As a result many of the breeders go unchecked...

Florida Group Takes On The Puppy Mill Problem

March 25, 2010, 10:27PM MT
Proposed pet store ban unifies rather than divides animal activists and breeders.
"You give me three minutes, 27 dogs have just died in the United States — nine a minute." The stark words of animal activist Lisa Delaurentiis struck a chord with Palm Beach County commissioners on March 9 when a small group of county residents publicly aired their concerns about rampant animal overpopulation and rocketing euthanasia rates...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Badly burned puppy left for dead

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - Someone deliberately burned a puppy and left it for dead it at a busy Albuquerque intersection on Sunday.

Animal Humane of New Mexico is trying to figure out who would do that and why as they care for 6-week-old "Baby Cakes," an Australian Cattle Dog mix.
Two children found Baby Cakes in a ditch on Candelaria and Second Street. The dog was in very bad condition.
The kids and their parents took Baby Cakes to a veterinary emergency room and spent $400 to get her bandaged up...

Dog that changed Alabama cruelty laws dies

MOBILE, Ala. (AP) - A dog who was severely burned as a puppy in a case that drew worldwide attention and led to tougher animal cruelty laws in Alabama has died.
Doug James rescued the dog named Gucci after it was hung by the neck, tortured and set on fire by a group of youths in 1994. James said the 16-year-old chow-husky mix had been in declining health in the past few months and was euthanized on Wednesday.
Passed in 2000, the Pet Protection Act, called Gucci's law, made first-degree cruelty to a domesticated dog or cat a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $5,000 fine...

Monday, March 22, 2010

UPDATE!! Even WORSE!! MO Horse Slaughter Bill Would Also Void Animal Welfare Laws

Update Mar. 19: With no one appearing in opposition, a legislative committee has passed a substitute version of H.B. 1747 by a vote of 10-2.

The substitute version is basically the same as the introduced bill, except for one significant change: If this bill becomes law, "[n]o law criminalizing or otherwise regulating crops or the welfare of any domesticated animals shall be valid unless based upon generally accepted scientific principles and enacted by the general assembly."

This means there could be no local laws regarding the welfare of any domesticated animal including dogs, cats, horses, other pets and farm animals that differ from state laws. Also, any current animal cruelty or animal welfare law in Missouri would be void unless it was "based upon generally accepted scientific principles and enacted by the general assembly." People charged with animal abuse could raise challenges to the law, claiming it was not based upon "generally accepted scientific principles". Possibly, all laws governing animal cruelty or welfare would simply be void

3/12/10: Show Me Missouri - Show Me Horse Slaughter?

Missouri, the "Show Me State," is already the nation's puppy mill capital. Now the enterprising state aims to reinstate horse slaughter. Rep. Jim Viebrock, R-Republic, has introduced H.B. 1747 to sidestep federal regulations that bar horse slaughter for human consumption. According to Viebrock, his bill would jump-start the "ailing equine industry." US Horse Slaughter Statistics
WHEREVER YOU LIVE: THIS BILL AFFECTS YOU. The last three U.S. kill plants closed in 2007. Don't let Missouri revive a vile industry.

PHOTOS: Production-line death: A pony that almost certainly belonged to a child meets fate at Potter's abattoir. Animal Aid

Loose or "way up" horses, sold for slaughter in Canada, wait to be ushered into the auction ring. Associated Press


Missouri, the "Show Me State," is already the nation's puppy mill capital. Now the enterprising state aims to reinstate horse slaughter. Rep. Jim Viebrock, R-Republic, has introduced H.B. 1747 to sidestep federal regulations that bar horse slaughter for human consumption. According to Viebrock, his bill would jump-start the "ailing equine industry."

WHEREVER YOU LIVE: THIS BILL AFFECTS YOU. The last three U.S. kill plants were shut down in 2007. Don't let Missouri revive a despicable industry.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hurt dog limps into New Mexico ER

updated 2:08 p.m. CT, Tues., March. 16, 2010
FARMINGTON, N.M. - The patient was only slightly injured when he limped into a hospital in the northwest New Mexico city of Farmington.
The only problem was, he was a dog.
When the automatic doors at San Juan Regional Medical Center's emergency room slid open Saturday night, the pooch walked in, blood on his nose and paw, and a puncture hole in one leg...

Animal shelter turned into a ‘house of horrors’

updated 7:27 a.m. CT, Tues., March. 16, 2010
For years, the Toronto Humane Society bragged of its low euthanasia rate — only 6 percent, compared with other big-city shelters that put down 50 percent or more of the animals they accept.
But that impressive statistic was hiding a dark secret, according to criminal charges laid against its top officials. The "model" animal shelter was actually what one investigator called a "house of horrors" — a place where infections ran rampant, animals lived in filthy conditions, food was scarce and a no-euthanasia policy led to sick animals suffering and dying without adequate medical care...

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