Monday, June 28, 2010

I will be starting a new Genealogy blog!

Hi Everyone!  No I did not fall off the face of the earth! lol  I still care about animals and animal welfare very much.  I finally hit pay dirt on my Genealogy research!  Yeah!!!  I am sure many of you know how addicting Genealogy can be!!  I have not been on Facebook, Blogger, eHow and etc. for over a month...  I have been too busy with all my Genealogy leads I have discovered!  I will be starting my new blog about Genealogy and my Ancestry lines I am researching very soon.  I am not sure if I will be using Blogger or a different blog service.  Does anyone have any suggestions for me about a different blog site to use that they prefer to Blogger?  I will still be active on this blog.  I will always be concerned about animals.  Does anyone have these surnames in your Genealogy?  If you do, please contact me!!  These are the surnames I am researching: BERRY, ROGERS, RODGERS, JACKSON, BANKSTON, ADAIR, ELLIS, PEARSON, PIERSON, McCAY, MIDDLETON, WILLIS, MAYES, HOSKINS, HASKINS, ROPER and more...


K9friend said...

Good to see you back! I can't help on the names, but sense your excitement over this new endeavor! Lots of luck and keep us posted!


sarah at secret housewife said...

Hi Aspiring Freelance Writer! I am so glad that my post helped you! I can see that you have the tool bar I was talking about so it obviously worked!! If you scroll over the orange 'share' button you will see all the drop down square.Good luck and nice to meet you! Will pop by your genealogy blog later. Sarah

Blindsquirrel said...

Incredibly satisfying when you find a bit of information on your ancestors. I recently found out the name of the ship on which my Grandmother arrived here in 1904.

We do have some relatives with the name Ellison (not Ellis). I wonder if it is an evolution of the name. Good luck in your endeavors.

Aspiring freelance writer said...

Thanks everyone for reading my blog and commenting! My new Genealogy Blog is

I will be working on entries and design daily. I am still working on the layout, colors, design, etc.

Please feel free to follow my blog and tell your friends to follow me also!

Happy hunting! : )

Steve Hayes said...

Don't forget to link it to MyBlogLog!

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