Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BERRY Family Tree Takes Root

I have officially started my BERRY Genealogy blog.  BERRY Family Tree   
I will be discussing my other related surnames also.  I am sure we can make a connection!  I seem to be finding and adding new Ancestor Surnames daily!  Genealogy is so addicting.  Except when you smack into that brick wall and can't seem to break through.  I had hit a brick wall for literally years with my  BERRY and ROGERS Family Tree  until this last May 2010.  I made a discovery on which tore down that wall!  I am so thankful for that site.  It has so much information and it is FREE!  I am a disabled Veteran and live on a very limited income.  Free is for me. 

Check my new blog out daily.  Follow me and pass the word on to your friends who have the Genealogy fever!  Feel free to leave comments and suggestions as I am just starting out with my new blog and will gladly accept any advice on constructing it.

Happy Hunting!    BERRY Family Tree


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