Friday, April 2, 2010

Beautiful Special Education Teacher from Florida Found Innocent...

Beautiful Special Education Teacher from Florida Found Innocent...
April 2,2010
by Jenni Coe
A beautiful special education school teacher was on trial this week for felony animal abuse charges with a possible sentence of twenty years. The teacher had abandoned her own two pet cats without food or water. Her landlord finally found her two cats. Her pets had starved to death. The landlord said the walls in the apartment had been badly damaged. Her abused and starving pets had tried to claw and bite their way through the walls. The special education teacher did not move overseas, to a different town, or even across the street... She moved to a different apartment, but in the same building!!
This week the beautiful special education teacher was found innocent of all felony animal abuse charges. Did her stunning good looks affect the judgment of the jury? How could a special education teacher abandon her own two pet cats to starve to death with no food or water?? If the teacher did not have enough empathy and responsibity to care for her own pet cats, how had she been able to function as a special education teacher with a room full of children?


K9friend said...

She's lucky I wasn't on the jury.

Anonymous said...

This is a sociopath who should not be anywhere near children, especially children with fewer defenses. I also have to wonder if looks played into it, but I keep hearing how justice is blind. I don't know...maybe she peeks out from under that blindfold.

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