Sunday, March 28, 2010

Activists, officials take on Pa. puppy mills

We need to do this in Missouri!!!

Puppy mill dogs spend most of their working lives inside cramped wire cages, stacked one atop the other. They get little grooming, veterinary care or attention of any kind.

Lacking a bone or toy to occupy their time, some dogs go into a frenzy every time they see a human. Other dogs circle endlessly. Still others just sit there, staring, like a “warm statue,” says Jessie Smith, special deputy secretary of dog law enforcement at the state Department of Agriculture.

“They don’t really seem to be there,” she says — they lack “that dog joy” of a family pet...


Cozy in Texas said...

I hate that animals that are so loving are treated this way.

K9friend said...

I adopted a puppy mill dog. Circling was something she did whenever she was excited.

What a terrible life these poor dogs have!

Anonymous said...

Great Story ... A+

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Anonymous said...

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