Monday, February 15, 2010

Few Groups Rescue Abandoned Horses

Few Groups Rescue Abandoned Horses
(Flemington, MO) -- Veterinarians are seeing more and more abandoned horses. Some owners can't afford to take care of them, and are leaving the animals to die.
Part of the problem is there are so few rescue groups. The only large rescue group in Missouri is the Humane Society near St. Louis.
A rescue facility in northern Polk County is one of the few groups in the Ozarks shouldering the burden of the horse crisis...


RYKER said...

News from Ryker's neck of the woods!
Thank you for you glowing comments ;)
I am a total novice with a great subject!

K9friend said...

Even finding foster homes for large animals such as horses, cows, and the like, is next to impossible. It takes more space than most folks have available. said...

Jeni, I nominated you for a "beautiful blog" award! You can jump over to my blog to redeem or you can just know that you have a beautiful web site that I believe all women and men need to read!

Yours in Health, Robin

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