Friday, March 12, 2010

Puppy Mills Breed Misery!

Since 1996 one main mission of Hearts United for Animals has been the rescue and rehabilitation of puppy mill dogs. During that time we have rescued over 5,000 dogs from puppy mills. These gentle, fragile creatures have both broken and warmed our hearts. Every set of frightened, sad eyes steels our resolve to see the horrible practice of holding dogs prisoner come to an end. It is our belief that dogs are companion animals, not meant to be housed in bare wire cages with no blankets, no clean food or water, no veterinary care, no ability to touch grass and no understanding of love or kindness. The atrocities we see are staggering. The injuries we repair, both physical and emotional, are beyond comprehension for most loving pet owners. It is a labor of love, one that pays back when we see a dog know health, touch grass and understand that they are safe and loved for the first time in their long lives.


Bobby said...

It is so sad why can they not close all these places down. Why are people buying pups from places like this, I guess they don't know where they are from.
It is happening here to, They have watched a guy get a basket of pups delivered then selling them as if they were home bred. He and the puppy farm are being prosecuted now.

K9friend said...

I've seen such heartbreaking stories come from puppy mills. Missouri needs to do much more to change things.

Bobby said...

I might have already done this comment. It is awful why do people keep buying pups from these places. They are prosecuting here for a TV team watched as a box of pups and two good dogs were delivered to a guys house , then people go and think they are pet home bred and they think they have seen the parents.

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