Friday, February 12, 2010

Dog breeding concerns highlighted in Britain

Thu Jan 14, 7:32 am ET
LONDON (AFP) – Major changes are needed in the way pedigree dogs are bred in Britain, an inquiry triggered by a hard-hitting television documentary about the Crufts dog show said Thursday.
The probe raises welfare concerns over puppy farms, inbreeding and the breeding of animals with physical characteristics which are prized at dog shows but can cause health problems for dogs.
It was set up after a 2008 BBC documentary about Crufts, Britain's top breeders' show, which said some dogs put on display suffered from genetic diseases after years of inbreeding...


K9friend said...

Puppy mills are a huge problem here in Missouri. It's good that someone is taking steps to be sure that dogs are healthy and well-treated.

Thanks for following Critter Alley. You have a very nice blog, and I've signed on to be a follower!

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