Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nearly 50 Severely Starved Dogs Rescued from Suspected Jasper County Puppy MillShare

Jasper County, Mississippi - October 2009
October 2009
The Raid
On October 23, under the authority and request of the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department, the ASPCA dispatched members of its Field Investigation and Response Team to assist in the investigation of a puppy mill operating in Bay Springs, Mississippi. 46 dogs were removed from the kennels and taken to a temporary shelter by the local animal cruelty investigator and the Sheriff’s dept. Most of the dogs were severely emaciated and suffered from a range of ailments including skin disease, rotted teeth, fur matted with urine and feces and various infections. Several of the dogs needed emergency veterinary care.


Strawberry Ling said...

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This is a great blog you have here! I am an animal lover and avid supporter of them. Your blog is fantastic!

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